The Should Syndrome: Break Free and Start Living the Life You Want

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ISBN: 9781457541186
152 pages

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Too many of us operate on autopilot, moving through our days and weeks reacting to situations or doing what we think we’re supposed to do, without taking into consideration our own goals and values. We allow our Shoulds—the expectations we have of ourselves and others—to make our decisions for us.

Modeled after best-selling management books such as Who Moved My Cheese and The One Minute Manager, The Should Syndrome uses a fictional narrative to teach a process for discovering and embracing your true self and breaking free from the Shoulds that get in the way of living the life you want.


About Karen B. See

Fifteen years ago, Karen See, an accomplished consultant, embarked on a journey to figure out why, despite her many personal and professional “successes,” she wasn’t satisfied with her life. Her experiences from that journey form the basis for this book.


About the Illustrator

James G. Miller also illustrated Why Does Mommy Hurt?: Helping Children Cope with the Challenges of Having a Caregiver with Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, or Autoimmune Disease and did photo editing for The Observation Hive Handbook: Studying Honey Bees at Home.

What People Are Saying

“My twenty-year old daughter and I both read this book. We loved it, and it spurred a great conversation about Shoulds and relationships. A must-read for all ages!”
Deanna West

“A complex topic explained via an easy-to-read story that describes both the challenges and opportunities of changing your perspective and learning to live a fulfilling life.”
Nancy Whiteley, LPC

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